United States.

United States, it was not always the great country we know today. On July 4, marks the date when the independence of this great country is celebrated. Men with great passion and devotion to achieve the best standards of quality of life for their homeland, fought against their oppressors, achieving the victory that pursued their efforts and their struggle for their national ideals.

This struggle did not end with defeating those who oppressed them, but, it was necessary, to continue fighting against the invisible enemies that fight within ourselves, as they are; the racism, ambition, hatred and spiritual battle that we have to wage in the midst of the power of good and evil, which will define our true freedom.

The remarkable success and power achieved by the great American country, without doubt, was due to the wise decision of those who chose to allow God to take the reins of the destiny of the country and the better future of all the people. On the spiritual and economic side, the country grew like the pines and politically it also grew to become the most powerful and respected country in the world.

Today, people seem to get away from those things that were the secret of success and that gave the victory and all the growth and power to this great nation, it becomes evident, because things are going in a different direction, if we compare the aspect spiritual, economic, political and social yesterday to what we are today.

If a couple of spouses lose sight of those things that were essential to discover that they were compatible to unite and share their lives as a couple, there is a possibility that the relationship will stop working as it used to when things stayed the way they did start to all the good and all the beauty that was as a result of those particular details.

The one who has ears to hear, hear! By Derwell J Fallu


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