Want or want you, what is better?

Feeling or knowing that you want it, is almost always something that makes us feel good. Even! There are people who, if they do not know they are very dear, lose balance in life, they live bitter, sad, depressed and it seems that they do not find reasons to do good things for anyone, not even for themselves. That you want it, it’s good, but that you love others, it’s also good. Love works when we practice it, when we show it, that love you is important, but that you love others is better; It is rewarding. I have not felt or known, loved almost in all my life, but all my life I have lived loving, because whether you love or you do, is what makes life have meaning; It’s so nice for me to hear people tell me, thank you for loving me, even though I for people, do not say the same thing. By Derwell J Fallu


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