My life with her!

The color of flowers, the singing of birds; so many beautiful things that make life so beautiful! But nothing makes my life as beautiful and complete, as the woman’s tender and sensual company. She is a whole colloquy of beautiful things; a symphony, of its body the aroma, its voice, like song melody, of its entrails gives us the fruit of life; light and tenderness in her gaze that illuminates the soul, the taste of the kisses of her lips, like the sweet nectar of the flower, the color and the softness of his skin like silk, is the body of a woman. And its place, where the moon is eclipsed, with its red color like crimson, is where it explodes, where love boils and passion makes rise as ash, the lavas of the erupting volcano. That place in it, where everything seems to start and end, where my soul is disturbed and my turbulent river empties into its sea. In it, and only in it, my heart and my soul find my happiness, my joy and my reason to fight and to continue living. By Derwell J Fallu


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