Contries in crisis!

Countries in crisis: Nicaragua, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador; Puerto Rico, to mention a few. It seems that the common denominator that generates these crisis events in these countries, is very closely related to the mismanagement of public policy on the socio-economic administrative aspect, which triggers a series of events that negatively and directly affect the development and growth of the economy, because the implementation of the measures that are almost always taken, after a socio-economic crisis event, which comes as a result of mismanagement of public policy and mismanagement of the country’s resources, creates a emotional imbalance in the population when they are affected and, to some extent, truncated their dreams. And when, for these same reasons, the business sector is affected and is forced to reduce staff, or in the worst case, close operations for bankruptcy, if short and medium term can not see any indication that generates hope that things for the better, can change, people look for resources, such as migration to other places where they can regain the confidence and faith to work and struggle to achieve their dreams of a better future, and this obviously aggravates even more the situation of the country they have abandoned, because with the departure of crowds, the coffers of the government stop generating significant revenues that could help the country’s recovery, earlier. By Derwell J Fallu


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