Walking towards her.

I know what it is to speak of loneliness, just as Adam was in the beginning. And although now, only I am also, I know that there is that special person that will fulfill all my expectations in love, as well as, for her I will fill them and that we are walking in the same path of our destiny, she towards me and I she. And as from heaven, guided the child to the magicians, a star, love on the road is guided by a firefly. My beloved, this special message is for you, I know that soon I will see you and also you will see me, because I feel that I am already close to you and you are walking towards me. I have the gold of fidelity, the incense of love and the myrrh of happiness that I want to give you and with the passion of a big kiss I want to seal our union, when finally! My eyes, can see you and live forever the magic of our immense love. By Derwell J Fallu


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