Guilt and remorse, they pass the bill!

I do not like the attitude of superiority, which some children assume with their parents, once they have gained a volume of body and achieved some kind of independence. The fact that they have grown or achieved things in life, that does not make them less children than they were when they were in diapers. We are always going to need a mother’s love, a hug from her, that mother’s kiss that is different from any other. We will always need your wise advice, a moment with her and with her, mom’s food, it’s amazing! Mom should always be well loved, obeyed, respected, honored and grateful, you do not leave these things for when she dies, for when you no longer have them. For your laments will be of no use; your regrets of not having treated well and enjoyed mom very much. Mother is a big word! That has traveled the path that we have to travel. Nobody knows us so much, nor will she love us like her and not even the titles and ranges acquired, they will be able to do, that we will be bigger than her. We will always be very ugly, not honor it, not enjoy it; not obey it! Some will not tell you anything if for some reason you do not give her her place, you replace her, but be careful! Because that’s why life will take its toll on you with remorse, the guilt of a heart and an empty soul. By Derwell J Fallu


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