Out of curiosity! Friend, friend what do you think makes you better or superior to others? If you think that it is your color, economic situation, your schooling, your work, place of residence or what you believe or think. I have bad news for you: The nature and form in which we were designed inside, that way we all came into existence, being our first home, no matter who was that first home, “I mean the belly of the mother who gave us to light, “the closest we all had, even if today you are rich or poor, we live where the excrement is made. Excreta is what comes out from inside us every day, it is not gold or the smell of flowers, it stinks that it is not silver or anything that nobody could want. All this comes from within us every day. We all have the same needs to eat and drink. Almost all of us had to leave through the same place where the urine and the damaged blood come out, when we die, the same thing happens to us, no matter how big and important we create ourselves; Our bodies rot and stink in such a way that no one, no matter how much he loves us, could stay by our side even for an hour. Worms likewise eat us all. The twilight of our lives teaches us that no one born on this earth is different from others and because they are all somehow guilty of sins before our divine creator and deserving of the same condemnation for it, we must recognize that the fact that Jesus Christ offered the same blood for all, suffered the same punishment for all and died also for the sin of all, we are worth the same before God. This evidently makes us very clear, that no one is superior or more important than anyone. So, insulting, hating others, does not make us bigger or more important than anyone else. By Derwell J Fallu


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