World’s End!

World’s End!

As a writer, every day, as of the seed, sown in the earth sprouts a bush, so also from my soul the inspiration of each theme with which I am filling the planet. Today, people think that everything has changed and what many call modern times, is nothing but a world that is dying, that a world bleeding. Of one thing I am convinced, that our world, in the times that many call obsolete, was one more secure than now in modern times. They have set aside the Bible, our guide to living life, human science and modern technology. He who lives the Bible as a rule of life knows peace and love. In contrast to the one who lives according to the guidance of modern times, he knows wars, insecurity and pain. Global warming reminds us of the biblical warning, that in our present days, the world will not end with rain, but with fire and brimstone. This is leading us to have changed living life with values, living the crazy life. Like the sun that is hidden behind the night the world that we now see maybe we will soon leave. By Derwell J Fallu


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