Desde alive, desde alive!

Dead alive, dead alive!

To stop living is not necessarily when you stop breathing or when your inert body lies in the darkness of a cold grave, no! There are many living dead and many dead alive. The first are those who stopped believing in themselves, those who only see failure when they do not achieve what they have wanted, those who have stopped seeing life and live as an opportunity, those who complain and think they are victims and they have lost the great virtue of love, those who can not see the sight to see beyond a fall, those who have lost the strength and the will to get up and continue with life. These are the living dead, who although they are not in a grave and still breathe, they do not know what to do with life. There are others, those whose dreams do not end after a fall, those who know that getting up is to continue to the top; that if you fall and get up, this is part of life. These are those, that although their bodies are in the darkness of a cold grave, we continue to see their works and live in our memories to teach us, that for those who are alive, life goes on, even after death. The living are clinging to life, we do not take off! Because surrendering is not brave, but cowardly. By Derwell J Fallu


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