Face the truth, sometimes it can seem, cruel and hard. But the truth is none other than that light that can make us see and understand the reality of the things we must face and assume. Hurricane Maria caused great destruction in the entire infrastructure of the country. The energy system collapsed in its entirety. And although many minimize the intervention and the aid received by FEMA and the US government. I think that if it were not for their enormous collaboration, there would still be no electric power in most of the island, that many more families would not have their homes, many would be going hungry and naked, that there would be more deaths due to lack of assistance and medicine, that we would not have the level of communication that we have now. The aid has not stopped if we think about the billions of dollars that continue to enter without mentioning that we have electricity in many places thanks to the generators lent by FEMA and, thanks to the billions of dollars that have entered and continue to enter , our economy is moving positively. It is irresponsible not to recognize the great benefits after the great tragedy that we lived after the passage of Hurricane Maria. We can not pretend that, being second-class American citizens, because of our current status, we will enjoy the same conditions enjoyed by the States of the Union. And, even with that great disadvantage, Puerto Rico is different thanks to the enormous help we have received in this terrible disaster. I give thanks to God! Because He has blessed us. Thanks FEMA, thank you United States. By Derwell J Fallu


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