Good Morning! Jay, many of them scream at the sky and jump over the roof and are scandalized, if they hear that some of them murmur of corruption to our governments. But what really has brought us here? What has caused this terrible fiscal crisis and this monumental debt that Puerto Ricans have? I imagine that the honesty of the leaders and their great ability to do things well has not been. Sometimes I wonder: How could his lawyers pay for his trial for corruption, Don Anibal? Because if they were not the best and most sought after in the world, they were among the best and most expensive. Just remember the muddy and dirty corruption charges that was the politician Don Anibal Acevedo Vilá, and see how his lawyers washed him and left him clean, which is even passed on radio and television programs proclaiming that we must clean the dirt that There is in your party. Miracle! It causes me great indignation, when I hear and see that people seem to get upset, when they talk about our leaders and rulers that they have been very corrupt and, nothing happens, when a man like Anibal Acevedo Vila, strutting around radio and television, talking about dignity and honesty. When people like the great Anibal, after a corruption trial like the one we saw that he had to go through and be so clean, that does not seem embarrassed, when he speaks in public of cleansing, as if he really is a man free of sins , is to doubt the justice system of our country, the laws and some of our judges. It is to worry, if the money can be more powerful than the laws and those that represent it, because society will then be very vulnerable in the absence of true justice and honesty. By Derwell J Fallu

God is so great and so powerful that he can not fit into any object or thing that man has created, but where he can find a place and dwelling, it is in the heart that he opens himself to his love and his will. By Derwell J Fallu


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