I think it will look good and very good, if we share information that can help us improve our writing, because it is very sad to see, that there are people who write horrors! Grammar in social networks, where millions of people see what we write. And this may be due to a number of factors, such as; not like to write, vagrancy or lack of will, lack of interest, etc. Writing is an art and a form of language and, it will talk a lot about our personality and behavior in any sense. Also writing well, can open a world of possibilities in the field of business, in the social way of relating to people and also in feelings and love. Similarly, the poetic lyrical form and in the musical arts to communicate. Many people have adopted when writing, an interpretative form of letters that substitutes a phrase or a word. Examples: “k” why; “dtb”, for God bless you; “cm” by how. Etc. This without mentioning that there are people who only communicate with pre-edited graphics, icons, emoticons: ⛄️😋 the very famous and popular finger I like. This way of communicating, earns more disadvantages, than advantages. I explain: with that way of communicating, we do not get the best impression, on the contrary, as I mentioned above, with that constant form of letter writing instead of complete words and icons and emoticons instead of the words that should express a desire or a feeling, we show with it, rather, little interest, vagrancy, a way to get out of a topic quickly, etc. Besides that it is incorrect and of little beauty, that way of writing, can not represent the beautiful, magical and lyrical form of the poem and poetry. Not to mention that we lack the opportunity to write correctly. The fear factor of what I am doing right or wrong, does not lead us to good conclusions. Strive to do well, achieve greater advantages and, knowing, that smart phones are very good help, since not only the keyboard when writing, anticipates words and provides us with grammatically correct language, but offers us the advantage of speed and time to write, without losing the beauty of writing or the ability to do it correctly. A pleasure to share you. By Derwell J Fallu


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