The little princess!

When she was just an embryo, alone fought to overcome each obstacle, advancing through the fallopian tube, to gain life, opening passage, entering the ovum, in the belly waited until it became strong, it was a race of life or death. Finished the time, she decided to discover what it would be to live life, broke the source, and between water and blood there left alone. When seeing for the first time, of the light the life, she broke in weeping, we do not know if of emotion; if for joy, what we do know, that there was hee mother, for her love, welcome her! What a beautiful girl! Very excited, the mother said, my little princess. Between lights and shadows, silences and noises, today continues weaving dreams, the little princess, and a beautiful smile on her sweet face, when love, a light, in her heart shines. We love you, we love you; brave and very pretty the little princess. By Derwell J Fallu


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