Love of dreams.

It will never be a life, if what separates love is distance. Sometimes the feeling can be nourished by the illusion we find in the words, but the heart goes out of breath in sleeplessness, while the soul seems to sink in the cravings, because the fullness of a love is filled by kisses, caresses and Tenderness of that look, when I wake up in the mornings and the smile of the beloved woman illuminates me. To live love, is to see the fruit of the seed that we both sow and germinate grow together, it is that embrace of the two, when at the sound of the rain on the roof, we live the lullaby of a sweet song; it is that heart beating fast, when she tells me tenderly, I love you love. Living only memories, is not living and if to know that I have you, I must sleep to see you in my dreams, I prefer to love you awake, because I want to live and love is a reality and not just a dream. By Derwell J Fallu


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