Some people, who fall madly in love with someone, think or believe, that because they are so in love with each other, the other person should be as well. Which is a terrible mistake that can bring serious consequences, if you do not know how to handle that situation. Perhaps you have heard some people say that they have fallen in love with someone you are not, if it is not for me, it will not be for anyone else. Hence we have heard stories that end in tragedies because there are those who feed a selfish feeling that could be confused with love, passions that come with a certain degree of manipulation, that those who do not know that love does not seek their own, or do anything undue, often confused with being in love. If love is not experienced in both directions, this could be the key to understanding that you have not come across the ideal person, with the soul mate. Some people who fall in love think that maybe over time the other person can fall in love, maybe yes, this is unlikely, rather, what could happen is that the other person gets used to being with the other person, but ‘ Eyes’ get used is not love. It is advisable to fall in love with someone we know, it is really with us too, which is the only way that being in love works and it is also, when you live fully and can achieve happiness in love. By Derwell J Fallu


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