What a woman is worth to me.

Good Morning! The feminine gender is my passion, it is a sign of the great love and cares of God for man, it is my great blessing, that gives joy to my heart and of my soul the pleasure, the power that I have for its inspiration. Without the woman there was a failure in the nature of man, which only providence and great love for us of the divine creator, could repair it. Thank you God for that blessed creature that has given us for company to share life with her. May God bless that wonderful and spectacular being that makes our lives complete and happy, true reason that has the heart to love, God’s resource for man, for life to sprout. Living in it and being for it, makes me understand what a woman is worth to me; born of her my life and put into it the life that together we will see grow, care and love to never forget what for me a woman should be worth. By Derwell J Fallu


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