The selfish ones.

Sometimes, we may not want it to happen, what others seek to happen. Yes, because by differing with the desire and criteria of others, we can be very selfish and we aim to push our negative vibes so that they fail in their intentions and their struggles so that they do not achieve their dreams, just because we differ from them. And if for some reason, we find that they have reached in their attempts some stumbling; who have failed, we give it for sure! And we even celebrate and if possible, we shout to him, not to fight for that, that his time is lost if you find an obstacle in a dream that is persecuted. Nothing more selfish, friends! We live in a world where everyone fits if we are able to respect the rights of others. Although we do not like it, the universal law that rules this world tells us that we must pursue the common well-being that unites us all. By Derwell J Fallu


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