In the privacy.

Something that almost everyone has heard, my partner was neglected in our intimate activity and I had to look for what I no longer get in it, in another. Love does not work like that. Being in love, must be an exercise every day, innovating; in the case of men, being patient with the female, because it is necessary to remember, that by its natural form that God made it, she undergoes hormonal changes, which could temporarily and occasionally affect her way of relating and that is when Man should demonstrate creativity, not only to be patient and tolerant with his lady, but should be able to develop in such circumstances, the art of falling in love with his partner. I consider an absurdity, when a man thinks that his wife, in the intimate activity is an inexperienced, because that man could feel that she does not provide enough satisfaction or pleasure in making love or in some other form of intimate activity. For me it is an absurdity, because a man should not wait until someone else would have to train his wife in the aspect of intimate life to feel and know that he can fully enjoy making love with her. In my case, I hope! I was for the couple that I had, her only experience in matters of the heart and love. That we could both educate each aspect of the relationship without the intervention or mediation of someone else, and develop according to our own way in the intimate activity and in our way of relating to each other. If we truly love our partner, no matter what we have to go through, she will always be beautiful and that special person will complement us in every aspect of life and with it we can experience the fullness of living life. By Derwell J Fallu


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