Message to Selena.

Hello! Selena Gomez

There are things in life that help us understand what is worth more. I know that today, you are going through perhaps the most difficult moments of your life, those moments when we say; what I have, for what I have fought, I do not have enough to feel that I can be happy. Those moments, when the soul is constricted and the heart shrinks and the mind is disturbed and without knowing what to do. Caught by impotence, because although we have achieved fame and money and that there is nothing else because people fight to have health, safety and happiness, it depresses us, that in such circumstances we can not find a solution in the problem. Selena, I learned that what is worth more in life, is not fame, power, or money, because when the disease arrives that with none of this you can heal, your soul fills with fears; what is worth more, is to have in the heart the love of the God of heaven. So, when below you do not find a solution to the problem, do not forget Selena, that your help comes from God. By Derwell J Fallu


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