For a long time, the popular democratic Puerto Rican party, as a form of political doctrine, before the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (ELA) proclaimed themselves to be sovereign, in parallel with the pro-independence, because their vision of sovereignty was not preached online. with this political organization, which makes no sense, because you can not proclaim or speak of sovereignty in a territory that is not independent. Those of the turkey, although before the people were neither independents nor statesmen, until recently, they handled it very profitably. But before the explosion of reality that we are not an associated free state, but a colonial one, the political institution of the democratic popular party is at its worst historical moment as a political organization. Uncertainty, confusion and a terrible internal struggle where it seems that they can not agree on which philosophy or ideology will define them, makes us ask: Will the turkey disappear as a political organization? What will happen? Only time will give us the answer. By Derwell J Fallu


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