Love makes you Eternal.

Seem good, have money, be beautiful or slender, are not the things that we should focus, when we intend to relate as a couple. When we fall in love, it is not those things that make a relationship beautiful and eternal, it is that magic, that by merging feelings makes us understand, that we have become a family. It is that feeling of one for the other, that makes us walk together, think together, share the spaces and details and all the circumstances of life. It is a journey of two, through the path of time, that in their journey, together they are aging, protagonists of a plot of idyll and passion that are writing with each experience their own love story. And without detracting from the well-known story of Romeo and Juliet, it’s nice to see in the park or anywhere else, old lovers who started their love story a long time ago and still, walking together they hold hands, They give each other a tender kiss and embrace each other whisper in their ear, I love you. They are for love so attached to life, that even death itself respects them in their intention to separate them. Love is not dead, it is still alive in every little old lady and in every little old man in love, it is the love of Romeo and Juliet that has risen. By Derwell J Fallu


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