I want to be one.

If I am a man, for wanting to be a woman, I have them make me an organ similar to a vagina, I get them to grow busts and that they refine my lips and that even the voice makes me look like a real woman , that make me grow hair like a woman’s; I’m not one for that. Because even if they make me a vagina and make my breasts grow, even though I feel and believe that I am one, I do not have a reproductive organ inside me, with which I can ovulate. We have to remember that God did not make the woman to look like one and only have sex, no; God made it besides that it was for man a companion with whom to share life and also the earth, so that it would reproduce itself and thus with man could build the sacred family, which is impossible with a woman made by man. That I look like a woman, does not make me a woman. By Derwell J Fallu


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