Lists of contacts.

Maybe some complain and say that in these social networks, nobody greets them. There may be names in our contact lists that are there and are just that, names of contact lists. Although it is not what we would like, because as its name says, one of the main objectives of these networks is to socialize. Ironic, because although we have many, the few greet. In my case, I have hundreds of contacts in all the profiles of pages and in a personalized way hundreds of day to day receive from me, more than a simple greeting, the updates of all my topics, with which many of them are identified and already They have made these in their lives a necessity. Although of some I do not receive their reactions and less their greetings, at least I feel the satisfaction that they for me, are more than simply names of contact lists, my friends and my friends. By Derwell J Fallu


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