Magic, woman’s spell!

The one that lives and has always lived in the center of my heart and my soul, the one that was born to complement my life, the motive that my heart has to love and the reason that my soul has to see and appreciate the beautiful things of life. She with the pretty lips, like the drops of the early morning dew on the petals of a white rose; that of those little eyes with a look of love, the one you feel for me, as I do for her, the one that makes my heart speak for all women, in that, even without being present, I can look at myself in the clean glass of their eyes beautiful, the one that even in the distance haunts me with the sweet aroma of the perfume of her body and makes my heart for her to be so in love. Magic of disturbing and of such beautiful charms; from her, the one who loves my heart and through whom my soul is inspired, is the woman I am talking about. By Derwell J Fallu


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