That’s the way the world is!

Today, beauty seems a subject that captivates attention and occupies the interest of the media and, as, that overcomes, to some extent, the nature of the inner being, that which connects in harmony and with true sincerity to the individuals, that more humanized form that leaves egocentrism aside, to highlight the sensitivity of the heart that can unite and fuse lives with the purity of a true feeling. Because, when, we focus and worry more about the impression that physical appearance can achieve, and we forget what is really worth more, that highlight of the inner personality that defines who we really are and who we really need to deal with and reconcile our destiny, if we want to harmonize when it comes to sharing life, making projects and achieving dreams together. Many resources and efforts are spent to reach the highest levels of physical attractiveness and I think that very little, if anything, is being done to raise the levels of the inner personality that life must assume before the world and society. By Derwell J Fallu


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