Variable of the truth.

Variant of the truth.

The truth can be sweet or bitter; bring sadness or joy, in any case, it would be convenient to prepare the mind and heart to work as appropriate with the truth.

Recognizing and accepting the truth makes you a sensible person and ready to take responsibility for the action and / or modification that may demand the truth.

Since the truth may contain elements that touch sensitive areas of our personal life, that may expose our souls and demand changes that we do not want, there may be a rejection of the truth in the first place.

The reason is that we like to listen to what we want, but not always what we want can be what is convenient, for that is the truth, to give us the necessary light that will always keep us on the right path, or at least in the position to deal with the changes that are necessary.

When we are willing to recognize and accept the truth, we will know that it is the beacon that will illuminate our destiny to follow. By Derwell J Fallu


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