Other aspects

The upbringing of children can be the most important task among humans. Since it is a joint work of father and mother and that is of a very complicated nature, even more so when for some reason, this work of raising, it has to do a person alone, either by the death of one of the parents or when there is not enough moral quality to teach with good example, because there is one puncher, drunk or addicted to controlled substances; fragmentation of the relationship due to breakage or divorce, among many other causes that can add more complexity to the time of assuming the upbringing of the children. Another factor is the immaturity of prematurely assuming paternity. Having children is not a matter of just providing sustenance, shelter and education. This is a task that encompasses many aspects, for children, in addition to teaching that once children, will be for life, you must teach him to live each stage of his life. Do not make the mistake of allowing him to fall in love when they are still children or adolescents, but teach him to wait for the right time for that, while with theory and practice, we will teach him to prepare for when his time comes to take on that stage of life . Allowing children or teenagers to fall in love is to gain a potential enemy of those who, in the short or medium term, will lose control and increase the possibilities of creating greater problems by allowing them these freedoms at such a premature stage of life for something so Serious and that demands so much responsibility. By Derwell J Fallu


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