The woman is not made, the woman is born.

Today I want to share with all the people who stop to read the content of this page: What I think, that each individual is a unique piece that is part of the plot and historical context of the activity and nature of this world. I believe that we should all develop a spirit of respect and fraternity that identifies us with our divine Creator. Men should see women with respect, love and admiration and recognize that we owe eternal gratitude to our God for her, since the Lord made her as an element of our company, a resource that would serve to reproduce with her as a superior species among all the other creatures on earth. Also, because women are the most beautiful and powerful reason our hearts have to feel beautiful, to love. Recognize your countless virtues as a creature that was created to perfect what is all of God’s work on earth and, particularly, perfect man so that he could fulfill God’s purpose on marriage and family. The woman must be seen and respected as an element of great value and importance in the eyes of her divine creator and of us also, even more in remembering, that women do not become, “women are born”. Every real man deserves a real woman! By Derwell J Fallu


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