It does not fit in my verses!

What is the motive that a mother has to love a child! That it is her fruit, a seed of love, is from her life a sprout that within her grew, it is blood of her blood, flesh of her flesh that together with the umbilical cord she nourished. Caring for her offspring, it is how she takes care of herself, because they are united by life. A child for a mother is her pain also her joy, because with pain she had it, and because she is happy to bring to this world a life. A mother for a child, must be the greatest and most valuable because she must be for him the love that inspires him, the force that motivates him and the example of life to follow, that in any sense someone imagines. Mom is a big word that does not fit in my chest, in imagination, or in my verses. But I want you to know mother, that I have a big heart, with which for all the sons and daughters of the world, I want to tell you, that I love you mother! Nobody like you woman and mother, who surrendered to pleasure and pain to bring to life the son of the fruit of your blessed love. By Derwell J Fallu


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