Death is not the solution to problems!

Sometimes the many problems make us feel, like the heavens fall on top of us, that we can no longer continue with life. And then, we want death, as the only alternative. We ask for it! Without even imagining that death is not an automatic option to achieve the rest that we can not achieve when circumstances and problems overwhelm us. It is sad, to know that there have been very disturbed people, who believe they can not continue and take their own lives, hoping that, having done that, the problems will end and the rest for the soul will be achieved. Death is not the solution to the problems we may have in this life, but death, depending on certain factors, will always define the future of our eternal destiny. So, it is not good to self-pity oneself for any adversity that we have to go through, knowing that, the greater our tribulation, the weight of glory that our perseverance will deserve, will be the prize we will get for the struggle. By Derwell J Fallu


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