Rolling like stones!

Sometimes we spend hardships and we roll like stones down the hill, while we fight to stabilize ourselves in a good destiny and keep our thoughts very focused. But we can not understand, why despite all our efforts, nothing goes as expected; Nothing seems to be going well, until that day, when we find ourselves in more trouble and looking to the sky, looking for an answer to everything that disturbs us, almost accidentally, we discovered that God was behind all that, He was the reason for everything what we did not understand, everything we went through was part of his plan that was guiding us and leading to the purpose He had for our lives, but that we did not know or were simply ignoring. But when everything is revealed before us, we realize that God was pushing us to the best destination that we could not even imagine and, when then, we see everything clearly before us, we stop fighting with God and with life and we let you fulfill upon us his faithful and Holy will. By Derwell J Fallu


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