It does not fill anything!

Sometimes the road to travel through life for the most vulnerable and needy in the world can be very difficult. But do you know that it can be even more difficult and frustrating for the powerful? Those who have a lot of money and find themselves in situations, although they apparently have everything they wanted, not knowing what else they can do when all the money and power can not solve what disturbs their mind, fills their soul with insecurity and the heart of unhappiness. There it is, when they look like the poor of the world, who can no longer bear the life they lead, and despite living in opulence, they have to resort to the vice of drugs to see if they can alleviate what they can not with fame, money and power. And you know why yet, with everything they can not? Because that place in the soul, nothing fills it, but only God! By Derwell J Fallu


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