Worse cure than disease!

You will have heard people saying; I never met my parents and that is why I wanted to drown this feeling of unhappiness and terrible sadness, in drugs and alcohol. But others, who do know and have their parents, fall into vice, the same thing happens to them. So, as also, others get their own arguments or pretexts saying that they are unhappy to try to alleviate that anguished feeling in vice. But the worrying thing about this matter is that nobody has managed to remedy the pain of that feeling with vice, before everyone has done worse! And people see them and they know it. And yet, more and more people are falling into this ruthless trap, which makes people so miserable. Honestly, and as I mentioned in another article, that need of the soul is reserved for God; nothing more can fill it. When you put God in his place, nothing can rob you of your peace. By Derwell J Fallu


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