God wanted it!

The energy and the motive of life is love, the feeling of the heart that inspires the soul, that which ignites the flame within you and that moves loneliness away from you. And how beautiful is love! That has touched me, it is a true love, it is She the reason of my life and my desire to fight; her beautiful smile, her tender look; her sensual little body, so much beauty! In a woman that I admire. I do not find fault in her, her way of loving me and all her strength, everything in her complements me. Our love is eternal, strong and very good, that resists the tests and also the time. In our lives there are no good times, there are no bad times, because the good thing about both of us is that we love each other; that she and I are really in love! And this is more than enough for both of us; because She in me, and I in Her, is exactly what God wanted. By Derwell J Fallu



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