Looking at things, how God looks at them.

A few days ago I published an article that talks about the reality of God, in relation to the government and the position of some Christians on this subject. I mentioned the reservation of some believers, about serving God and having some function in government. For many this is considered a sin. Ironically, they are the same ones that after men and women without fear of God commit atrocities, embezzle the government and create and modify laws to call good what God calls an abomination, are the same ones who then want to break heaven with prayers and fasts to May God change the hearts of these corrupt men and women who govern our people without any fear of the creator. They argue that church and state should be separated, even though they know, that if those who governed the people were God-fearing men and women, we would not have to go through such sad stories of mismanagement of public affairs. We must not forget that with respect to evangelization in the world in our modern times, Puerto Rico is the pioneer and for the same reason we must remember the meaning of the bible and the lamb in our shield. Israel in the days of Jesus, handed over the leadership to the foreign government of Rome, and we all know what happened to Israel during that barbarous government. That represents those who govern our people without having God in their hearts. Something similar happens with the high rate of divorces of Christian people, because many take everything to the spiritual plane and neglect their responsibilities as husbands, as wives. He who has heard of Solomon, the ancient king of Israel, knows that this man of God, in his great part, dedicated to his beloved the Sunamite, the singing of songs; the poetic way of seeing the relationship of God-fearing people. Because your loves are more delightful than good wine. In that sense, many seem to ignore Pablo, when he said: Each one fulfills with his wife his conjugal duty, because the relationship of two that in the Lord have united, is more than just a simple relationship; It is a duty to lavish love in its poetic form. By Derwell J Fallu


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