What a woman means.

Perhaps it is the first time we read or heard from God, that he had to repair or correct something, which initially he had not done as he wanted ‘, something that would really fulfill his purpose in relation to the theme of his creation: “it is not good that the man be alone, let’s help him fit for him. ” Which suggests that there was a bond of time that man lived without the presence or the company of someone of the human race, more than just himself. In my opinion and criterion, this does not happen because God was wrong, but because perhaps, God granted this time of the state of solitude in man, so that, when he had the person who would later be his companion, he could appreciate it and value in order that he could fully enjoy it by understanding and understanding what it meant to him and the role that the two (man and woman) would play in God’s entire plan of creation. Blessed creature woman, who makes good, happy and complete the life of man who has the power and ability to recognize what a woman for man means. By Derwell J Fallu


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