President Donald Trump.

Those who contributed to the triumph of Mr. Donald Trump, to be president of the United States, made a mistake, because Mr. Trump, being a powerful millionaire, thought of the United States by virtue of his experience in his financial successes, ( of which he made a lot of emphasis in each debate) without taking into account other aspects of the lives of the Americans and the millions of foreigners who are part of the people who share that territory, as well as the spiritual and social life of the country, between other matters that are not minor. Although his social profile has been a very questioned one, he has used his power to belittle the style and social life of others and has focused on the vision of money and has not used his power to help people who You really need it. Being president of the United States or of any country, is an opportunity to help, not to oppress or to intimidate. The characteristic expression of mockery when speaking that we all know about him, seems to identify his spirit of arrogance and his contempt for people. By Derwell J Fallu


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