Let no one know!

J’m going to describe the boy of your dreams: One who makes you laugh with his witticisms, when you’re watering the garden with your sleeve of water, suddenly you get wet with the jet and you run towards it trying to reach it to wet it too, explode with laughter when he sees you doing something stupid, that when you are in the kitchen preparing the food, he embraces you from behind clenching you against his chest; that when they sit on the couch watching television, they fight for who takes control, they fall to pillows until they see them shattered and their feathers scattered everywhere. I call you several times during the day just to tell you that it’s okay and ask how you are, to kiss you anywhere, even in the department store when you’re shopping; to make love to you in the kitchen, in the bathroom; in the living room on the sofa, anywhere in the house no matter what time. That allows you when you are sick, that with a detail always surprises you, that run around the house as teenagers to catch you and steal a kiss. Let no one know! For describing the man of your dreams, I have said without wanting everything about myself. By Derwell J Fallu


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