Attention! Scientists.

Today, in talking with scientists:

I was created from the clay of the earth, the breath of the omnipotent gave me life; I am a species, which, unlike the animal species, which is said to have been created as the other things of the worlds, by the word. So, from that perspective, I am a difficult creature to repeat. The people dedicated to the scientific studies related to the human body, think that they can make modifications to their criteria in the individuals and I believe, that up to a certain point, they have achieved it and they can achieve it, but in spite of their amazing advances in this field of science and, at the height of the time that has brought us here, all their knowledge has not been able to solve the mystery of life of any kind on earth. If, it is true, they have conquered outer space and discovered and reached other worlds and achieved significant advances in many other aspects of life, they have not been able to solve the problem of aging and death. And, although in their studies, they relate the animal species to the human species, they seem to ignore the detail, according to the historical data about the appearance of the world and creatures, in the way in which the animal species and the human species were created, different elements were used for their creation. What seems to suggest, that, first, we must resolve the principle of life and the destiny of life of each of these species. You have to start by discovering what the soul is and, if one and the other have a soul; where life originates before the embryo and where it goes when it leaves the bodies of one and another species, taking into account the form and ways in which each of them was created. I leave this task to those who dedicate themselves to science. Regards! By Derwell J Fallu


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