To the public.

To the public:

Some things that are contemplated from the human perspective and not according to God’s point of view, can seem nice and good. But, considering, that everything in our lives, their just understanding of the truth and the concept of justice must take place from the perspective that God looks and establishes all things, as author, unique to all creation and not according to our own point of sight, since such things can not only be evil in the eyes of God, but fatal to the subject of our salvation. For your better understanding of the subject in question, then consider some examples: Let’s emphasize Exodus 20: 1-6; from what is read here, it seems that it refers to the first commandment. But it is important to point out that this ordinance of God runs through other books of the Bible including the new testament. But why, in spite of God’s clear and reiterated maintenance, many people, knowingly, ignore God and celebrate as something really good what God has decreed bad and condemnable? Those who take seriously their relationship with God and the subject of salvation, should not reflect more on this matter? Is it a good idea to question the word of God? Why has God asked us to love Him above all things? And what does that mean? I conclude by touching another topic that is of equal importance. In towns and cities we can see everywhere monumental and luxurious buildings with signs of churches and cathedrals, to which many bet that those who do not meet in them to worship God, can not be saved. Acts 17: 24-28; but his word tells us that He does not dwell in temples made with the hands of men, and adds that we are temples of Him and that each of those who serve Him is His church. I believe we can use the temples to meet and worship the Lord in them, but knowing that the church is the faithful, not the buildings and their names. By Derwell J Fallu


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