Border limiting.

Today, in talking with scientists:

In our days, thanks to the advances of science, we can know so many components that make up the human being. But the subject of life remains an enigma; how to know where exactly in which part of the body life is lodged, because although the word of God tells us that we can not eat or drink blood, because blood is life, nevertheless, we know about people who have given them blood transfusions , to conserve or save your life, because if the body does not have enough blood or you lose all, the person can die. Being that, almost any transplant of internal organs can be done to people, it never ceases to amaze us, that although we have the heart, the kidneys and even the blood of other people, either by transplantation or transfusion, the character, behavior and ways of being of the individuals to whom the transplant has been carried out or done some transfusion, does not change, does not change; the person remains the same despite having organs or the blood of others. Another fact that makes us think, that if we receive any wound in the body we feel pain and, depending on the place of the wound and the magnitude, life can go away. How to explain why we die when the body is hurt? We know that the body can not preserve life without food, water, blood and air, which allows us to understand how complicated the subject of life is. Sometimes, doctors can diagnose the life time of an assisted patient, but this must be disturbing for the Galen, not being able to explain what happens beyond the fact that the person stopped breathing and knowing that science found a border limiting between death and life. In that frustrating point, where science seems to exhaust all its resources, we have the consolation and the hope that, from the theme of death, life and resurrection, gives us the sacred book of science about the past, the present and the future. (The Bible). By Derwell J Fallu


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