In honor of the truth.

The Bible and history have made us very clear the leading role played by Rome in Jesus and religion. No one can deny that under the leadership of the Rome of the time of Jesus, the Romans staged the vilest and cruel persecution against the child son of Mary, who would come to be the savior of the world. Ironically, the child and the Maria they say they venerate in our day, was the one they tried to kill when it was barely a baby. His mad decision to murder the child cost the death of all the children of a town of two years below, which they could not achieve, because God thwarted his criminal instinct against his son, hiding him for a time in Egypt. They did not give up, and Jesus of great, the Romans continued their persecution until they managed to condemn him to death by crucifixion and, we all know how the sentence of Pilate, Roman governor, carried out the ignominy of the most cruel death that the history of humanity has known. The Romans managed, 33 years later, to assassinate on the cross the son of God, the savior of the world. Not content with the vile crime, throughout the history of the closest followers of Jesus, after his death, they led a reckless persecution of death and terror against all those who claimed to be followers of Jesus and announced the Holy Gospel that had been theirs. entrusted to carry all the nations of the world. They burned all the Bibles that could have tried to avoid that the truth Jesus and his resurrection could be known by the world, they threw alive men to the hungry lions to be destroyed by their jaws, because they did not renounce Jesus nor their faith, they sawed alive men , as if they were woods for the same reason; As it was the case of Peter, whom the Romans ironically venerate today, some men were crucified for them, but Peter before the sentence of being crucified, he asked to be crucified with his head down, because he did not want to be crucified in the same way they crucified their Lord, so the Romans had the pleasure of assassinating Peter for his faith and for serving Jesus. Today they say they venerate the one they murdered. Live pregnant women, they opened their bellies, they took their babies out and they were thrown alive against a wall; many other people were burned alive at the stake, just because they did not refuse to proclaim the Gospel message and because they served Jesus. This bloody and implacable story against the servants of Jesus, was baptized by the Romans with the name of the Holy Inquisition. Today, they teach people to worship idols, one of the most abominable sins of God, and for which their people in the past suffered terrible punishments, as was the case, when God caused the earth to swallow alive. to a whole generation, when they asked Aron in the wilderness, to make them a golden calf, even though they knew, that this was a terrible sin against the God who had freed them from the bondage of the Egyptians and, among many other stories of idol worship, there is also that of Joshua, who no longer being able to deal with the rebellious Israelites, had to say to them: you choose who to serve, but I and my house will serve Jehovah. The whole Bible condemns any kind of idolatry, because God must be worshiped in spirit and in truth. But the Romans contradict this command of God and encourage their faithful to commit this grave sin against the Lord and have their temples full of idols. Honestly, judge yourself. By Derwell J Fallu


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