It is no a phothograh.

Life is not a photograph, it will always be the same when you look at it. Life is something from day to day until that day when you exhale your last breath of life, which is when, you can summarize the history of everything that we have lived in this world. Do not become a victim or an eternal hostage of the sad and painful events of some bad past. What you lived yesterday, has nothing to do with what is your day today. Do not forget, that each day brings its own desire, one can be cloudy and rainy, another can be sunny and very hot, but never one day will be equal to the other. So also the events of life, you can not stop your life in the history of an event of the past, as if it were the image captured in a photograph. If you fall, you do not stay on the floor, but you get up and continue with the life that you have to live. I know that there are things that can hurt us a lot, like a loved one, that for eternity has gone away. But this is part of the cycle of life, no one is born and lives forever, we have to learn to live with that, because even when our loved ones are gone, we have to continue with life, until it also touches us , the day of our departure. By Derwell J Fallu


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