My message of peace.

There is a part of the human population that we have the blessing of being able to configure and design our own destiny and live the life that more or less, we want to live. But there is another part that are the least fortunate of the earth, which are confronted by political systems that limit and restrict their freedoms of rights and financial life, making more miserable and harsh their existence on earth that God has given us all to enjoy and share with equal rights and opportunities. In spite of the hardships, of the less fortunate, these people are admirable! They do not give up and in the midst of their limitations they live and open paths for the hope of a better tomorrow, of beatitudes. I make an urgent call! To the sanity to remember that we are human beings, that we all have the same rights, that the earth is the home of all and that we have the same father, because of one blood God made all the bloodlines of the earth. It is necessary to sensitize our hearts to remember that we are all brothers and that we should help each other and support each other. Please, do not stay with this message and help me spread it by posting it on your social networks for peace and the rights of all. By Derwell J Fallu


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