My great mission!

My vision and message to raise awareness about the great role played by that divine being called woman, has occupied the main platforms of the social networks of the world, carrying a clear and unique message, where the way in which man should see the woman for what she is and for what she represents, first; as the essence of universal beauty; as the element that makes all of God’s creation perfect. For the outstanding role that comes to play in the life of man the woman filling in this one, all the aspects of his life and that turned him without her, into an incomplete and unhappy being. But the woman came to fill important areas, such as the feelings and support that she provides as such, her company, being an ideal help in the field of any activity. Definitely, we must point out, with very large letters! In addition, the woman, as an essential part of the life of man, becomes the only producer of human life with which you can continue to reproduce and continue life. So we must highlight of the woman, in its most outstanding form, the spectacular roles of wife, partner and mother. We must recognize that she is also the reason for the nature of the purest, perfect and good feeling (love), which is also the reason for the true meaning of living. For all this and for more than a thousand reasons, not only must the man see the woman with respect and admiration, but also, he must lavish true love before seeing her alone, as a single sex object or machine. The woman must be convinced about everything she represents and each couple must take responsibility for the decision to share their lives for love for all the challenges and demands of commitment that being and living together supposes, being faithful to each other. By Derwell J Fallu


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