An incredible experience!

I want to share with you, the following testimony of something that I lived, is something very common in me, but this, in particular, I will share with you because I know that it contains a message that could very positively impact your life. I saw a family man, with the face of sadness, pain and frustration, sitting on a small wall next to the street, in front of the UPR in Río Piedras. As it looked, it was obvious that something terrible was tormented his life. I approached him and asked him to please, do not move from there, while I was quick and I made a food purchase and when I returned I also put some money in his hands. Wow! I could not tell you, who was happier, if he, because he had received something for him and his family, or if I, for having managed to put in him, a little happiness. This did not make me any poorer nor did I feel that I had stopped living. On the contrary, I felt useful to share a little of what God has given me and to exercise love in my heart, as something that we should all be, not only being a mandate of our maker, but an inheritance of our Celestial father. John the Baptist said: he who has two robes must give one to him who has none. Share what God has given you and you will be happy, putting a little happiness in someone else, because giving or sharing is better than just having. By Derwell J Fallu


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