A few hours before the transition!

We reached the border between 2018 and 2019. Borders of the time generated by the transition from one year to the next. Within a very short time, the present of one year will become past and the future of another year will become present. 2018, witness of a particular and collective history of the country; from a town. Each of his three hundred and sixty-five days constituted the pages that they made of a book, our history. History that all of us write. For better or for worse, we were all part of that book and its history. 2019, a year of challenges, challenges and opportunities; of dreams and goals to be achieved. Individually or collectively, let’s get to work with all the power of our good vibes, let’s do well the plot of life and the history that we have to live. Something that we should all do and that should be all the time, every day, is to love with all our strength and passion. May our virtue of love never die, because loving makes us young, strong and eternal, that love is our main reason for living, the reason we have for life. Good year for everyone! It will be a great honor, if also this 2019, you continue to be part of the history of my life. To live! That time does not wait. By Derwell J Fallu


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