The rebellious young rebel.

It is little understandable that you have and raise your daughter with great devotion and sacrifice and then when she barely becomes a teenager, the young woman falls in love and gives her heart to an inconsiderate, who has no idea how much it cost you to have and raise your daughter and, without more, taking advantage of her innocence and naivety, manipulates her for her feelings and turns her against you and it does not take long when, zazzz! It destroys the heart. And here comes your rebellious, wounded and repentant girl seeking support and consolation in the only person who really loves her and not only whom she should have listened to, but in whom she should always trust, because she is the person who knows her the most and who is most interested your well being. Not to mention, that the experience of her parents can never be improvised, because they have already traveled the path that she still needs to travel. By Derwell J Fallu


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