Living dead.

Today I want to talk about love, like I never have! Did you ever love someone you never saw? You do not need the sense of sight to love, if you ever loved, you should know that. Love is stronger than death and greater than pain, love is not a lustful desire, but an internal feeling that is born and lives in the heart. Love is first than oneself, life is your motive; If you do not love and you do not know that you are loved, you go through life as if you were aimlessly. Living without love is like living without a soul, without a heart. Life has no meaning for those who do not have a soul inside with motives that inspire it, live dead in life, the one who has a heart that, although it beats in its chest, has no feelings. To be alive, it is not to breathe and to walk, to live is to love. By Derwell J Fallu


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