Awesome story!

Today we celebrate the beautiful and significant tradition of the Magi. Three characters from the East, the most genuine symbol of faith and adoration. His story represents for those of us who believe in God, that need to have a personal encounter with our savior and that inner nature of giving our adoration. That amazing way of these men to seek and believe in the divine creator of the universe and our savior, is an unprecedented attitude and devotion, inspiring examples that we should all imitate. Nature is a resource that witnesses to us that is above all and can speak to us, if we are able to sharpen the mind and sensitize the heart, as did the protagonists of our story, who followed the signal of the star that indicated the road to where the savior had been born. What an awesome story! I hope that in all of them there arises that disturbing need to have that personal encounter with our Lord and that powerful faith in Him who is fully tested, able to overcome any obstacle in life. Happy king’s day! For all. By Derwell J Fallu


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